Memphis Flyer – Blunt Assessment

From the article:

Since 1996, 14 states — most of them in the West — have legalized marijuana for medical use. In California and Colorado, where medical pot was approved by ballot initiatives rather than legislation, laws are fairly lax. Patients are prescribed medical marijuana for anything from cancer and HIV to anxiety or a bum knee.

Tennessee’s model is strict by comparison. If passed, qualifying patients would need to be diagnosed with specific serious illnesses, including cancer, glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, and Hepatitis C. Consideration also would be given to people with severe nausea, seizures, wasting syndrome, and other chronic conditions. Those approved for the program would be issued an identification card.

“It’s very tightly controlled in terms of the growing, the production, the processing, and the distribution,” Richardson said. “In crafting the bill, we tried to avoid all of the obvious abuses of California and Colorado. Those places are now passing bills to regulate after the fact. It really was sort of the wild, wild West.”


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