Guest column: Civil service discouragement, not reform

Originally published at the Commercial Appeal 2/17/2012. More effective and efficient government is a laudable goal, but many of the TEAM Act’s proposals would work against that. By Jeanne Richardson Special to Viewpoint The treatment of government employees has generated controversy over the past year in many statehouses across the nation. Now, with Gov. Bill […]

Fundraiser/Get Together with Jeanne Richardson

Democrats, Friends and Supporters, Please join me and my family for a fundraiser/get together at my home, 797 N. Evergreen, this Sunday, January 9th starting at 3pm. As you may know, State Representatives and Senators are prohibited from fundraising during session, so this is my last opportunity to do so until session ends. There is […]

Commercial Appeal – Editorial: Taking aim at predators

From the article: Mayor A C Wharton says Memphis’ high poverty rate and low level of financial literacy make the city a target for scams aimed at homeowners faced with foreclosure. Perhaps he was too polite to mention the Tennessee General Assembly, which has resisted efforts to curb predatory lending practices at almost every opportunity. […]

Commercial Appeal – Old Forrest, Old Fight

From the article: Last spring, state Sen. Beverly Marrero and state Rep. Jeanne Richardson, both Democrats from Midtown Memphis, introduced a bill in the General Assembly, HB2563/SB2415, that, with the help of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, would establish the Old Forest State Natural Area. In response, city officials began drafting a proposal […]

Memphis Flyer – Blunt Assessment

From the article: Since 1996, 14 states — most of them in the West — have legalized marijuana for medical use. In California and Colorado, where medical pot was approved by ballot initiatives rather than legislation, laws are fairly lax. Patients are prescribed medical marijuana for anything from cancer and HIV to anxiety or a […]

Commercial Appeal – Bill puts brakes on ‘international driver’s license’ sham in Tennessee

From the article: A bill to ban the sale of sham documents known as “international driver’s licenses” awaits the signature of Gov. Phil Bredesen to become law. The state Senate approved the bill 31-0 on March 15 and the House approved it 97-0 on May 5. Passage was final Monday when the Senate concurred with […]

Commercial Appeal – Guest Column: We deserve healthy forest, healthy zoo

From the article: Over the past century, the greatest threat to the forest and open space of Overton Park has been the expansion of the Memphis Zoo. We have lost 50 of the park’s original 200 acres of forest. As recently as two years ago, the Memphis Zoo chose to clear-cut four acres of Overton […]

Commercial Appeal – Senate bans sale of phony ‘international driver’s license’

From the article: The Tennessee state Senate voted 31-0 this week to ban the sale of “international driver’s licenses,” which are sham documents sold to immigrants in storefront operations around the region. “I am very happy that the Senate has taken this step toward helping out the immigrant population in Tennessee,” said the bill’s sponsor, […]

Commercial Appeal – Tax Trap

From the article: For years, Sharon Harper went to a well-known tax preparer, with storefronts all around town, to have her taxes prepared. Last year, she spent $389 to have her taxes done, and that wasn’t even to get a rapid refund anticipation loan, the worst practice of the predatory lending industry that focuses on […]

Memphis Flyer – Equality Project

In a panel discussion at the U of M’s Cecil B. Humphreys Law School last Thursday, state representative Jeanne Richardson and state senator Beverly Marrero discussed a bill they’re co-sponsoring that would add “gender identity and expression” to existing state law. Attorney Murray Wells, Tennessee Equality Project board member Darlene Fike, and hate crime victim […]